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Your First Atooma

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2015 05:09PM UTC

To create your first Atooma start by going into the "My Atooma" tab, and then tap on the "+" symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.


You will then find yourself on the circles screen, where you have to set up the conditional events that will trigger the action.


Simply Think: IF this happens ... DO that ...


Start by selecting a circle to explore the available options. When you have found what you need follow the instruction flow suggested by Atooma to correctly set the condition.

​After selecting the first IF condition, you are given two choices:

add another IF condition or pass on to the DO actions.

When setting the DO event you will find yourself again on the circles screen, where you have to set up the action that will be triggered when the condition si verified.

After selecting the first DO action, you are given two choiches:
add another DO action or, if you are satisfied, proceed and SAVE the Atooma.

Lastly, you may give a custom name to your Atooma, and decide if you want to share it on the Community. If you don't want your Atooma to be shared, just tap on the Atooma logo turning it off.
Please notice that when you share an Atooma on the public wall, the rule is stripped from every personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
Also, the custom name of the rule will be erased and the Atooma will be renamed with a description of the IF and the DOs involved within the rule.
(we care about your data!)


If you encountered some issues or have any doubt, contact us at:

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