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Last Updated: Apr 15, 2015 09:40AM UTC
What Are The Components Of An IF/DO Module?

Every Atooma smart action is composed of modules. You start choosing the modules of a smart action starting from the IF part, to the DO part. The IF part of a smart action determines the conditions that needs to be fulfilled to trigger the DO part. The DO part summarizes what will happen when the IF part is verified.

> Among the IF part, you can have two different kinds of modules: triggers, condition checkers.
> Among the DO part, you will have only one kind of modules: performers

The first module you choose for the IF part is always a trigger. A trigger is a module that unleash the smart action in the exact same time whenever the module condition is verified.

For example: IF headphones plugged...

Will trigger the DO part in real time as soon as the headphones jack is plugged.
Every IF after the first will not be a trigger, but a condition checker.

Condition Checkers:
Aside from the trigger, which is the real time event triggering the smart action, you can add up to 5 IFs. But in this case, every new IF from the 2nd to the 5th will not be a trigger: it will be a condition checker. Condition checkers are not triggered in real time, but they are rather checking if a certain condition is verified.

For example: IF headphones plugged and IF I'm running...

Will trigger whenever the smartphone detects in real time that the hadphones jack is plugged, and then check if I'm running. So if I'm running without plugging the headphones nothing will happen!

A performer is the actual action that the smartphone performs when the IF conditions are verified. You can setup up to 5 DO actions in a single smart action.

For example: IF headphones plugged and IF I'm running DO launch Spotify.

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